Useful Information


It is an aromatic plant used for the treatment of cough and whooping cough and can be boiled and used as a stomach to treat gingivitis mouth or gargle for sore throat, and can be used as a vapor because Thymol Thymol, which destroys bacteria and the virus (Halbervs) and some parasites. Thyme improves digestion and relaxes the soft muscles (soft or extensible) and reduces prostaglandin, which causes muscle cramps. This is beneficial to athletes, eliminates intestinal parasites, and is used as a powder in the parts of the infected wounds, reduces contractions and helps in the onset of colds and headaches and prevents intestinal gas and muscle tension.


It stimulates the digestive system, eliminates the colic, treats headaches caused by dyspepsia, intestinal and colic winds, generates urine, dissolves gravel and sand, prevents urination of urine and blood out of urine, produces milk during breastfeeding, stops menstruation. It is best not to eat it frequently during menstruation. And accelerate the maturation of meat. Accelerates wound healing, especially wild species, to prevent hemorrhagic bleeding from Tannin, which blocks the bleeding arteries and stops the bleeding.


Treatment for bloating and abdominal gas. Treatment for colic and soothe intestinal cramps, anti-anorexia and dyspepsia problems. It has therapeutic benefits in the cases of asthma and pertussis, in the regulation of heartbeat and low blood pressure, and a yellower, used in the cases of gallbladder and gallstones, and the effect that it is anti-hyperglycemia, It protects against cancer.


Anise is used as a wind chaser, relief of bloating, cramps, sputum, dry cough and rheumatism. Intestinal pain, intestinal gas, colic, cough and bronchitis, gastric pain and ease of digestion. It is also the beneficial answer to menopausal disorders in women.


It is one of the most important pills for human health, very rich in vitamins, especially the vitamin B complex and contains many minerals such as iron, phosphorus, silicon and iodine. Strengthens the nervous system and gives the body strength and activity, and helps in building bones and strengthens the teeth and contributes to the strengthening of hair and increases the brightness, and helps in the work of the thyroid gland, as contribute to the formation of tissues and digestive juices.

The sumac

Eliminates nausea, nausea, diarrhea, bleeding, bleeding, scabies, itching, gingivitis, antihistamines, hemorrhoids, stomach ache and ache. Anti-rheumatism, prevent ear pus, live toothache, Dabag stomach strong, thirst and thirst and thirst for the survival of the bacterium and bile, menstrual bleeding and menstrual bleeding and injections of Dstnaria and uterine gallstones and hemorrhoids.


Sesame has many health benefits that help to treat many diseases, where sesame seed plays a major role in the treatment of breathlessness and asthma. Public health experts recommend using sesame seeds to treat skin pills. Sesame also contributes to getting beautiful teeth and strengthens bones. A recent scientific study has shown the usefulness of sesame oil, which contains a combination of high proteins important for the health and safety of liver and kidneys, Fat and vitamins. Sesame oil is used to soften the stomach. It is also effective in stimulating the heart and cleaning the arteries of cholesterol. This oil can also reduce the symptoms of menopause.