So why do people who over-add spices and pepper to food?

The addition of spices and pepper significantly to the food to stimulate the mucous lining of the stomach and intestines so that it becomes more susceptible to inflammation and ulcers, so we recommend moderation.

Is it true that the use of frying oil for several times a carcinogen?

Scientific studies have shown that the use of frying oil for several times contributes to oxidation and harmful compounds increase the chance of cancer, so it is preferable not to use oil more than once.

What about adding salt to the meat before Xie, is this a correct food behavior?

This behavior is very bad, because salt works to stimulate the exit of water from the meat and this leads to depletion of minerals and vitamins in it, especially iron, so it is recommended to meat first and then add salt to it after that.

Is it true that the frequent introduction of food into and out of the refrigerator is unhealthy?

Yes, repeated input and output allows microbial propagation and growth, causing food damage.

Is cooking high temperature a good thing?

No, it also contributes to the dismantling of food and works to destroy the enzymes and vitamins in it and loss of effectiveness.

Many people eat sweetened beverages and beverages in large quantities during the summer to irrigate their thirst. Is this medically harmful?

Yes, from the medical point of view, this is very harmful. Such drinks contain large quantities of excess sugars, which may cause obesity, in addition to sugar sugars, and one of the dangerous effects of diabetes.

Is it true that some foods burn fat?

There are several rumors about some foods and their effective role in fat burning, but the truth is dear reader that neither grapefruit nor apple vinegar or cabbage soup contributes to weight loss and fat burning.

Does toast or brown bread help lose weight?

Roasted and Asmar bread contains calories similar to white bread. Roast bread contains less water, while full brown bread contains many nutrients, including minerals, vitamins and fiber, compared to white bread.