Cinnamon Benefits for your Health

The benefits of cinnamon are many, the most important that they prevent inflammation, an excellent source of dietary fiber, iron and calcium, effective in lowering blood sugar and many more, who of us does not like cinnamon?

Cinnamon prevents inflammation, is an excellent source of dietary fiber, iron and calcium, is effective in lowering the level of sugar in blood, and can be added to foods made from meat, and also enter the manufacture of cakes and sweets and processing hot drink for winter with almonds and pine. Who among us does not like cinnamon? It is different from us to the benefits of cinnamon

Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has many benefits.

Prevents blood cell aggregation

When red blood cells form more than necessary within the blood vessels, the blood becomes very viscous. The oils inside cinnamon prevent this unwanted “aggregation” of erythrocytes.

Reduce inflammation and prevent germs

Prevents the release of acid that triggers inflammation of the cell membrane. This property makes cinnamon an effective food in reducing the symptoms of inflammation. But these advantages of cinnamon have only proved laboratory, and so far lack of information about humans. However, researchers believe that cinnamon works similarly with humans. Cinnamon is an effective and powerful antibiotic for bacteria and fungi.

Affect the brain

In a study of the effect of aromatherapy on brain function, which compared the smell of cinnamon, mint and jasmine, it was found that chewing cinnamon gum, and the “sweet-hot” fragrance of cinnamon only enhances attention and concentration, and increased action and response to the visual-motor abilities of the subjects.

Singing with fiber and metal

The benefits of cinnamon are also rich in manganese and a good source of dietary fiber, iron and calcium. In addition to the fiber and calcium in which cinnamon is good ability to bind the yellow salts and help to remove them from the body effectively.

Reduce sugar levels

Many studies have shown that the benefits of cinnamon are that they slow down the speed of digestion, which may relieve high blood sugar levels.

In animal studies, cinnamon has been shown to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels and it can be predicted that the powerful antioxidants contained in cinnamon can positively affect the complications of diabetes.

In laboratory studies it has been speculated that cinnamon can improve cell sensitivity to insulin, thus relieving patients with type 2 diabetes.

Lose weight

Cinnamon can help in the loss of extra pounds, especially gained as a result of unhealthy high-fat diet, especially those that accumulate in the abdomen. A study has found that cinnamon slows down the process of storing fat in the body, thus reducing the likelihood of gaining weight.

Cinnamon consumption

Here are some suggestions about cinnamon consumption:

You can boil cinnamon sticks or drink soy milk and add some honey or any other sweetener to get a warm and healthy drink. It is mainly suitable for winter

Cinnamon is also a condiment for “heated” according to Eastern customs.

Cinnamon can be added to grilled mutton with eggplant and raisins.

Cinnamon powder can be added to curry dishes.

Cinnamon is excellent as seasoned for apple cake, without cinnamon not be a cake with the same feature.

Cinnamon is excellent in kebabs and kofta as well.

You may be surprised, cinnamon in meat? True this sounds strange at first, you must taste before you get used to the taste. We are used to the fact that cinnamon is only suitable for cakes and sweets, and it is not easy to get used to eating cinnamon with spicy and spicy salty foods, but it is definitely worth it.